Devon Trails Hike: And Suddenly It’s Winter

On today’s hike, nine of us descended on the bank of the North Saskatchewan river to take in the walk from the boat launch to the Lions Campground. It was a good test of our winter gear. Some of us determined that we will have to get mittens over gloves, better footwear, and thicker socks before the real winter comes.



Much of the trail was a wonderland. Snow piled on leaves that were still attached to the trees made for fun game I call “Let’s Make a Blizzard.”

img_2420 img_2421

At the campground, the residents were preparing for a Thanksgiving event. And in the spirit of Thanksgiving, they allowed us to come in and warm up around the magnificent fire.


The lively topic at lunch was Where is the best place to buy bread?

Here are some of our suggestions:
Bon Ton Bakery
B&A Bakery
Cobs Bread



We took a lot of pictures. You can find the rest of them here
2016-10-09 Hike: Devon Voyager Park to Lions Campground

Trail Building Improvements

On a cold Wednesday morning the crew was glad to keep moving just to keep warm! We started with Miquelon Lake A84 at the end of Rabbit Run road working on the nearby boardwalk. We built another 8ft & 10 ft section and with the 4 sections from last time we spliced it all on to the existing 5 section boardwalk.  Along with the ramp at one end we now have 12 sections over that boggy wet area and we are done! 008011016

We then moved on to Kopp Lake A35 side to replace the first stile; 029

settled an argument between a tree and the cart full of wood for the bridge;  020

and replaced the first bridge with a wider longer one. 021

We then carried the old bridge to a wet area on the trail further on. Although there still is more wet areas along that first section, most can be walked around.

We ended the day at McDonald’s in Leduc with coffee and ice cream or  muffins.

Schnee Hill Hike: Golden Hues and Heady Scents

Yesterday we had serial downpours. Today’s hike was the complete opposite.

The thirteen of us were treated to a strong sun in a cloudless sky. It may have been only 10 degrees in Edmonton, but it felt like 20 degrees on the trail.
Battle River Valley

Now that at least half the leaves have fallen from the trees, we were able to take in more than usual of the Battle River valley vistas.



We know autumn for its colours, but what about its scent? For us it was the leaves and grasses that have matured and dried out. For instance, we walked through narrow meadows, sheltered behind the ridge. As the sun beat down, pockets of warm air raised to our faces the heady and pleasant aroma of sages.



New boardwalk

This year’s hike was the best in recent memory, in large part due to the extensive trail maintenance. Here we are on the newly-repaired and neatly-shingled boardwalk.






Be sure to check out more photos on Flickr.
2016-10-02:A60 to Schnee Hill