The Waskahegan Trail Association is a volunteer organization dedicated to building and maintaining the Waskahegan Trail around Edmonton and neighboring east and south areas.

Our history

Alberta announces a new hiking trail
Recreation News, Recreation Branch, Alberta Department of Youth (Edmonton, Alberta, February 1968, Vol. 22)

Planning for the trail began in 1967 by the Edmonton – Oil Capital Kiwanis Club as a Canadian Centennial project. The organizers obtained enthusiastic support from the city and provincial government, the Scouts Association, and the Canadian Hostelling Association, the expertise of the Bruce Trail Association, and on-going publicity from the Edmonton Journal. The “Regional Trails Committee” was established, permissions from private landowners were obtained, and the hard work of trail construction began. Many local citizens, as well as scout troops, high school students, first-year carpentry students from NAIT, and eight unemployed men under the Federal Local Initiatives Program, participated in the effort.

In 1969, the committee was dissolved and the Waskahegan Trail Association was registered as a non-profit, charitable organization. It continues to be run by volunteers under the administration of an elected president and board of directors.

Thanks to the volunteer work of members, the generosity of landowners and the assistance of many government and non-government organizations, the Trail continues to grow. Presently it is 309 kilometres long.

Our volunteers

The Waskahegan Trail Association is Charitable Organization registered under the Societies Act in the Province of Alberta. Our by-laws were last updated in 2007.

Our annual general meeting is held in the spring. We elect an all-volunteer board consisting of a president, immediate past president, and ten elected directors.

We also have volunteers perform trail maintenance, lead guided hikes, and assist with the duties of the board.

Our publications

Since Spring 2017, we have been publish a newsletter for landowners once a year.

Up until the end of 2016, we published Waskahegan Wanderings for members and landowners twice a year.

Our friends

We are members of the Alberta Hiking Association.

Sponsorships and Donations

Only some of our costs are covered by membership sales. Our trail maintenance costs make up most of the budget. We provide, maintain, and store equipment, supplies and personal safety gear. Volunteers are reimbursed for mileage for pulling the trailer and for driving in carpools to the trail head. We also cover Workers Compensation and first aid certification.

As a Registered Charity under Canada Revenue Agency (11928 8827 RR0001), we are eligible to accept donations. Any donation over $10 will receive a tax receipt.

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Contact us

You can use the contact form or send an email to

General inquiries: information@waskahegantrail.ca
Trail maintenance: trailmaintain@waskahegantrail.ca
President: president@waskahegantrail.ca
Webmaster: webmaster@waskahegantrail.ca

You can also write to us at

Waskahegan Trail Association
P.O. Box 131
Edmonton, AB T5J 2G9