Stoney Creek Hike

One thing you can say about our annual guided hike in Stoney Creek—no two hikes have been alike. This was especially true this year.

Eight people came out to Camrose for the experience. Because the city is remaking the ski trails on the other side of the creek, we were forced to stay on the right bank. And so we continued on the trail to the second train trestle. Crossing under the trestle, you enter Happy Valley—private land that is open to responsible visitors.

Happy Valley

Happy Valley has surprises for all ages. What really appealed to our group was the antique car and the old tractor and wagon. They were easy to approach safely, and although they’re rusting, they are not decrepit and abandoned. They’re simply beautiful in their setting. The owner has put a lot of thought into their placement.

Another thing you can say about Stoney Creek—the area has the widest variety of plant life. There are species here that we’ve never found on any other part of the Waskahegan Trail, such as scarlet gaura, scarlet mallow, and a purple coneflower.

Thanks to Elizabeth for scouting and leading the hike and to the landowner of Happy Valley. You can see all the photos (there are over 40!) on Flickr.

Where we’re hiking next.

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