Ministik-Berg Triple B Ponds Autumn Colours

Twelve people came out for a fall hike in the Ministik Bird Sanctuary and the Berg-Triple B Ponds trail. You could tell it was early fall. A kaleidoscope of yellow and orange foliage clung to the bushes, while freshly-fallen aspen leaves carpeted the ground.

Days earlier, a trail maintenance crew had just spent the longest workday this year clearing the trail of deadfall like this.


On the road to the Triple B Ponds, we passed a pond with ducks, including buffleheads.

On the way back from lunch, the sun suddenly broke out, producing a brilliant reflection on one of Ministik’s larger beaver ponds. We stopped to watch as three industrious muskrats paddled silently in the water, creating smooth ripples that intersected like chemtrails in the sky.

The total hike was just under 10 km.

For more photos, see our Flickr page.

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