Across the Board Part 3: Hike Coordinator

Organized hiking is funWhen asked for advice to volunteers at the last AGM, Oscar Zawalsky gave us this:

“Find a hike you like and make it your own.”

Several Waskahegan members do exactly that.

Some have multiple favourites. And some like the challenge of scouting and exploring new hikes every season.

Both types make great hike leaders—and that’s good news for the hike coordinator.

The hike coordinator works with the hike leaders to put together the guided hike schedule for the season. Hike leaders contribute by suggesting hikes they want to do. The rest of the schedule is filled in based on past seasons and our collective experiences. (We learned the hard way that A60 to Schnee Hill should be hiked only AFTER the crops are taken off, and not in mid-summer.)

And there are some hikes we always do at certain times, like kicking off the summer season with East Battle River to see the prairie crocuses in bloom.

The hike schedule is useful to more than just members and public who are wondering where we’re hiking on Sunday. It lets the landowners know ahead of time when we will be visiting their trails, and it guides the activities of the Trail Maintenance season.

Duties of the Hike Coordinator

Twice a year

  • Gather a hike committee and organize the hike schedule.
  • Publish and distribute the schedule for the landowners and Trail Maintenance and post the hike events on the website’s calendar.

During the year

  • Be the point of contact for hike leaders and interested public.
  • Provide guidance and orientation to new hike leaders.
  • Receive the hike signup sheets and waivers of non-members and collect statistics.
  • Post the hikes as Meetup events.

At year-end, provide a hike report to the AGM.


  • Availability in the February-March and September-October time frames to organize the schedule.
  • Some experience leading Waskahegan guided hikes.
  • Ability to attend most board meetings

Access to a computer is useful. You can post the hike schedule updates, hike write-ups, and Meetup events—or ask the webmaster or social media coordinator to do this.

Come for a Visit

Why not visit the next  board meeting? It’s the best way to find out what we’re all about.

If you have any questions about the duties of the Hiking Coordinator, JoAnne will be happy to talk to you.

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