Kopp Lake Blue Skies

Nine hikers enjoyed the Kopp Lake hike on Sunday.

Tea break

The trail, located on the hillsides of the Gwynne Valley, winds its way through spruce, aspen and birch forest. It was particularly lovely with all the fall colours.




The day began cloudy but it cleared to blue skies.

We enjoyed a “coffee break” at the beaver lodge. We saw no beavers but admired their work. They have been busy—even since the work party passed through.



We saw two white-tailed deer, a few geese and a squirrel or two. We discovered some flowers blooming—something we didn’t expect in September.

Bladder Campion









The new wooden walk installed by the maintenance crew received its initiation. Thanks to the maintenance crew for a well-prepared trail.

Thanks also to the landowner(s) who allow us to share their land for this hike.


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2016-09-18 Hike: Kopp Lake

Kopp Lake Ready for Hiking

After dragging the cart full of wood more than half this section of trail, we were able to bridge over a mucky bog, a huge improvement. Growth was high with an increase in thistle and weeds over other years. A lot of signage was replaced, hose put over barb wire stile crossings, much clipping, mowing making a huge difference and the chain saw worked hard. We have a park like path in the woods, by a lake for all to enjoy! kopp-l-june-15-15kopp-l-jun-15-5

Great effort by all volunteers!

At some point we will replace the stile at A35 and the bridge near there too.

Pipestone Creek Stroll

We circled the Pipestone Creek Edmonton Area Trust Land (http://www.ealt.ca/conservation-lands/) on undulating mowed paths strolling at an easy pace. pipestone-trust-land-6

With lovely vistas of the Pipestone, a glimpse of a charcoal white tailed deer, and a rich pallet of colour in the trees & bush we were comfortably hiking,  tucked away from the worse of the wind.  pipestone-trust-land-7The trail was new to explore and not as long as the usual 10km Sunday hike. So we went around the corner of Coal Lake via Hwy 13 and took a look at the re-opened South Coal Lake park by the dam and another branch of the Pipestone creek. coal-lake-damNearby at the boat launch we followed a trail that ended abruptly, looking out at the white caps on Coal Lake. dock-coal-lake-2Rain held until we were homeward.