Clearing Saunders Lake Trail

We used the predator & mower to clear some horrible nettle, thistle and other attacking growth and usual brush; chained, signed, clipped and cleared from A29 to A30, the wooded part of Saunders’ trail.

At A29 we replaced the rotting sunken bridge with a longer one bank to bank. 004002

It seems the road allowance at A30 is still being abused. Another new fence on either side cut, as well as lots of garbage by the fire which also was filled with broken glass. We cleared up what we could.

We had hoped to get from A30 to A33 as well to check the signing and stiles and deadfall. It has not been looked at for a few years as it is usually well kept by the cows grazing and being open has little to no deadfall.

After a mornings work and lunch by the lake in the breeze, we went to Nisku for coffee at Tim’s.