Kopp Lake a New Way

Several people came out on a fabulous day to hike Kopp Lake. This included walking the new re-routed section which crosses some beautiful open country. As you can see, the new leg of the path is wide and green.

To get there, we climbed the new unique stile. It’s designed so that we can cross precisely at an intersection of two fences—from one corner of a property to the property at its kitty-corner opposite.

Flowers seen today include Blue Columbine, Blue-eyed Grass, Twining Honeysuckle vine, Bishop’s Cap/Mitrewort, Tall Lungwort/Bluebell, Starwort/Mouse-eared Chickweed, and Canada Anemone.

What luck to have a bee fly in just as this photo was taken of the highbush cranberry. Other creatures seen today include one of the crab spiders, of which there are several. This one looks like a Goldenrod Crab Spider. The butterfly looks like an Arctic Skipper.

Lunch was enjoyed in a shady spot.

Thanks to Trail Maintenance for the clearing the trail and putting in the new stile, and thanks to John S. for leading the hike. You can see more photos on Flickr.