Ministik Bird Sanctuary Hike

Nineteen people came out to hike in the always-popular Ministik Bird Sanctuary. We started at the Ball property, which is now managed by the Nature Conservancy. The vegetation was lush, green, and up close, with occasional breaks over boardwalks and at the lookouts over the ponds and lakes.

Exiting at the south edge of the property, we  crossed the road and continued on the University’s land on an old wide road. We stopped for lunch at the lookout on Williams Lake.

Flowers seen today include bluebells (Tall Lungwort), Coral Root Orchid, White Cockle, Pink Wintergreen, Canada Violet, Canada Anemone, Cow Parsnip, Cinquefoil, Twining Honeysuckle, Black Snakeroot, Spreading Dogbane, Meadow Rue, Beaked Hazelnut, and lots of wildrose bushes.

Thanks to Lee for scouting and leading the hike. You can find all our photos on Flickr.

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