Hiking Ross Creek and Riverside Trail

Sandra lead hikers June 11th first through the short section along Ross Creek. Then they explored Riverside Path with views of the North Saskatchewan River and interesting sites like an eagles nest, a grass duckling and wild asparagus.

Natural Arbour

The Sun lighting up the path
Ross Creek – Mushrooms all in a row
Wild Asparagus
Duckling (can anyone identify)? Bufflehead ? See comments…

2 thoughts on “Hiking Ross Creek and Riverside Trail”

  1. I have an update on the duckling identification!

    We received this email from Bill Samuel:
    “On June 11, 2017 I met a group of great folks walking the Strathcona Riverside Nature Trail. They showed me a picture of a duckling they saw on the trail. I could not remember the name of the duck, but checked when I got home. Think it was a Bufflehead. Jerry Shaw had taken the picture. Nice meeting you all!!!”

  2. Thanks for sending this old retired hiker news of your hikes with photos. They bring back great memories. I wish I could still walk with you but not possible now.


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