Ross Creek: obstacle hike

Even before we  got to the trail head, we were challenged. Hwy 16 had construction and after pulling off to make a pit stop at a gas station, we were blocked at every entry to the highway! Eventually we circled around following other lost souls and return to our route only to miss the turnoff!


The forecast uncertain us eight hikers endured the rain and the winds! We thought we were prepared. The first surprise was a recently plowed field crossing where we trudged around and through huge muddy lumps to get to the second stile. At first the trail seemed not too bad just a bit overgrown as maintenance was done last month. Then we got to the open grassy sections where the path disappeared and the long wet grass pulled at our pant legs with every step. Finally deciding that we needed to make this an even shorter hike, we arrived at our recently built bridge only to find we had to swim 20 feet to get to it!


Our return trip was a little easier on the trampled trail.

We frightened  two grouse and a duck, irritated a hawk protecting it’s nest and enjoyed a peak or two of the sun.

We lunched at the cars, then returned to Edmonton where we warmed ourselves with coffee and laughed about our hike.