Trail Conditions

Page numbers refer to the Waskahegan Trail Guidebook.

Allen Nature Trail by Hastings Lake (Pg 79)

No physical issues with the trail but the landowner has expressed some concern about recent inappropriate activity on the trail.

WTA members have been asked to call when planning to hike this section out the trail (Jeff & Marja at 780 462-3991 or Jeff’s cell 587-589-3719). (Updated April 2018)

Ross Creek A109 to A110 (Pg 105)

Trail is badly flooded and overgrown, August 2014 Trail Maintenance will try to repair. (April 2014)

There are still too may issues for maintenance to get trail ready for this season

  • there is a couple of slough areas caused by beaver activity that are impassable
  • at A111 a new landowner seeded a crop not present before and going around it would be awkward hikers
  • we need to move the stile and bridge over the creek later in the year

Getting Ross Creek back to hiking condition will be possible, but will take time. Meanwhile hikers should avoid the area. (Updated June 2017)

Closure of a portion of the Middle Battle Section (Pg 51)

A landowner along this section of the Trail has rescinded access as of 1 January 2017. Thus through hikes between the Trautman Family bequeath to the Nature Conservacy (A61) and the Duhamel Campground (A62) are no longer possible. The portion of the Trail now closed is a quarter-mile wide, with its eastern edge having  the same longitude as Range Road 214. The exact location of the lost portion of the Trail is between longitudes (in decimal degrees) –113.009674 to the west and –113.003597 to the east. Signs of trail closure have been posted at these locations on the trail, and warnings of trail closure ahead have been posted near the trail access points leading to this property: from A61 to the west and from A62 to the east.

Battle River West at Lows Crossing (Pg 49)

Please do not use the bridge at Low’s Crossing, follow the alternate route to A58 instead. The erosion on the bank has caused a combination on the bridge shifting slightly and the bridge access pints incorrectly lining up with the bank, resulting in unstable conditions on the bridge. Since this section of Battle River is designated as navigable waters further maintenance will be required (September 2016).

Update: The bridge at Low’s Crossing was removed so continue to use the route via A58 –

Coal Lake South (Pg 37)

There is a washout between Heggerud hill and the pump house at A46 (~25 min from the pump house). The washout is short and has ribbons to guide over the clay, and new growth is covering it making the footing better, which needs to stay as it is holding the ground together. No maintenance required at this time. However later during the regular maintenance before the hike September hike there will be a need for two sections of boardwalk build shortly after Hughston stopover going south & another just after Heggerud Hill where its washed out with a creek running through. You can get around it carefully but boardwalk would be better (May 2014).

Wanison Lake Boardwalk (Pg 85)

The first boardwalk was repaired as part of the July 2014 train maintenance.

The second boardwalk needs work.

Trappers Lake (Pg 101)

Beaver damage between the fence into Elk Island National Park and the Old Road to Oster Lake. We rebuilt the bridge that was flooded but still some swampy/marshy spots. (May 2014)

Partridge Hill Section at A111 to A112 (Pg 105)

Trail is closed in the section from A111 going towards A112, landowner has rescinded access. Rerouting is still TBD, please do not use. (July 2015)

Mix-Cloverlawn Mix Stopover to A36 (Pg 29)

Landowner has rescinded access along the Mud Lake section. Rerouting is still TBD, please do not use. (August 2014)

Pipestone Creek A53 to A50 (Pg 43)

Due to slope erosion during the past few seasons this trail is particularly challenging. Specifically, the section between A53 and the mid-point between A52/A51 – there are several sections between A53 and A52 where the trail is very narrow and slanted near the top of a steep hill, the switchback at ‘E’ is tricky due to erosion and the alternate route uphill at the midway point between A52/A51 has gotten very steep due to erosion. (June 2014)

Battle River East (Pg 53)

Unusual amount of spring flooding starting at A62 (Duhamel Campground) and along the river but anticipate it subsiding as the season progresses. (April 2014)

East Branch Ross Creek A104 towards A105 (Pg 101)

Landowner has rescinded access, please do not use. (April 2014)

Hastings Lake East (Pg 79)

Landowner put in a new fence starting at the stile at A91, continuing past the Two Stones and forces you through several wet/marshy areas. (June 2013)