Maintenance News at Miquelon: Water Water Everywhere!

On Wednesday ten of us started work at Miquelon A84; soon finding a new pond we needed to skirt, then arrived at our 10 section boardwalk over a bigger pond with one end needing a ramp, the other another needing 15 ft added. Then as we stepped on it, the walkway sank below the water……..sooo we moved on to a closer prospective mushroom trail; North Miquelon. We found a lot of down trees and our chain saw misbehaved…..coulda used two, thought of it too late. Working hard, one weed eater handle broke in half. There was new water everywhere; albeit this time it was passable. Some of the more recently used field pathways looked less inviting than the wooded former trail in a couple of places….so we may reinstate those next time. We experienced a new coffee place better located for the Coal Lake & Camrose volunteers in New Sarepta at the Market restaurant, and found it was a bit expensive for us, although looked good to try for a meal.

Clearing the Ministik Berg Trail

Today eight of us cleared the trail with chain saws, weed eaters, clippers and signs. There now is a beaver dam to cross to get to the lunch spot by the ponds which seemed fairly sturdy.

We need to revisit this section later in the season to protect the walls in the shelter at Berg Stopover as well as see to fixing the boardwalk at the beginning. A shorter but intense work day with coffee in Beaumont.

Up and Down We Worked the Battle River Trails

Three crews went out to work the Battle River trails. Four people went to the end of East Battle from RR 210 to the end of the tableland we chained, clipped, signed and carted wood from a stile we dismantled and redistributed it over wet areas.

We even stopped to smell the crocuses and have lunch!

Adding a boardwalk on the Waskahegan Trail
Two crew met with a nearby landowner and built a new boardwalk near A60.

Three others went from A56 to A57 Battle Gwynee going  one way chaining, signing, clipping, mending stiles and repurposing some old lumber making a bridge over a little creek in the valley between two hills.

A well deserved break; Coffee was in Camrose.