Clearing Wanison

Wanison Lake is a beautiful 2.9km section of our trail that connects to the Blackfoot Recreation Area. The mission was three fold for the crew working July 5th. First we blasted through the extreme growth and out to the farthest lookout on the alternative blue route. It showed the 3 plank boardwalks in need of a better solution to be solved later this year.

Our second purpose was to get the stopover ready for the fireside supper later in the week; which we did after our lunch break.

Third we had Terry GPSing for renewal of our recreational lease.We were glad to finish with the heat increasing and refresh at McDonald’s in Sherwood Park.

Hiking Ross Creek and Riverside Trail

Sandra lead hikers June 11th first through the short section along Ross Creek. Then they explored Riverside Path with views of the North Saskatchewan River and interesting sites like an eagles nest, a grass duckling and wild asparagus.

Natural Arbour

The Sun lighting up the path
Ross Creek – Mushrooms all in a row
Wild Asparagus
Duckling (can anyone identify)? Bufflehead ? See comments…

Maintenance News at Miquelon: Water Water Everywhere!

On Wednesday ten of us started work at Miquelon A84; soon finding a new pond we needed to skirt, then arrived at our 10 section boardwalk over a bigger pond with one end needing a ramp, the other another needing 15 ft added. Then as we stepped on it, the walkway sank below the water……..sooo we moved on to a closer prospective mushroom trail; North Miquelon. We found a lot of down trees and our chain saw misbehaved…..coulda used two, thought of it too late. Working hard, one weed eater handle broke in half. There was new water everywhere; albeit this time it was passable. Some of the more recently used field pathways looked less inviting than the wooded former trail in a couple of places….so we may reinstate those next time. We experienced a new coffee place better located for the Coal Lake & Camrose volunteers in New Sarepta at the Market restaurant, and found it was a bit expensive for us, although looked good to try for a meal.