Kopp Lake Ready for Hiking

After dragging the cart full of wood more than half this section of trail, we were able to bridge over a mucky bog, a huge improvement. Growth was high with an increase in thistle and weeds over other years. A lot of signage was replaced, hose put over barb wire stile crossings, much clipping, mowing making a huge difference and the chain saw worked hard. We have a park like path in the woods, by a lake for all to enjoy! kopp-l-june-15-15kopp-l-jun-15-5

Great effort by all volunteers!

At some point we will replace the stile at A35 and the bridge near there too.

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  1. Ilona Ryder says:

    It was a pleasure to walk the Kopp Lake section of the Trail today. Thanks to everyone who worked on maintenance!

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